Apache – A Gentle Giant

What a beautiful testament to the difference a therapy dog can make to someone’s day.  I was walking into the infusion room at The Cancer Treatment Center in Goodyear, AZ with my dog Apache and there was a young mom holding her daughter of approximately 2 years old.   Her daughter was mesmerized by Apache and was so excited to see him!  You could tell her mom was not feeling well and a bit depressed, but as we got closer the atmosphere of the room changed.  The little girl was reaching down and petting Apache.   Mom was struggling a little so I put Apache in a down stay.  Mom began to smile, the little girl was blowing Apache kisses and joy filled the room!  The little girl got on the floor with Apache and she started hugging and loving all over him.  At that point we all lost it!  Mom, nurses & volunteers… we all shed tears of Joy, Laughter & Love!!!  What a Blessing Apache was for all of us that day!

Pastor Michael

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