Breaking News…

Therapy Paws, are you changing your name?  What?  Really?

It’s our ten-year anniversary and time for a change, a new beginning, a bigger and better future.

Our new name is “Mutts on a Mission” and we are excited to share it with everyone.  “Mutts on a Mission” has been our motto since 2011 and we liked it so much we gave it a promotion becoming our company name.  Take a look at our new logo that we are pretty proud of as well.

Why “Mutts on a Mission” you ask.  We are all “mutts” in some manner, meaning we are a diverse group of ordinary people with extraordinary hearts. We are not purebreds but rather people partnering with our very special dogs going into our community and making a difference every day.  One dog and one visit at a time.

Please know we are the same organization that has provided you our caring and loving registered therapy dogs for the past ten years.  We are still the 501(c) ( 3 )  nonprofit with a new name.  We will  continue to proudly serve our community under our new name.

Stand by for more Breaking News in the days and weeks to come!


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