Requirements to Become a Therapy Team

Is my dog ready to be a therapy dog?

  • Do you have a special bond with your dog that everyone can see?
  • Can you walk down the street without your dog pulling, jumping, or barking?
  • Are you able to stop and talk to a stranger without your dog doing the above?
  • Can you manage your dog in a crowd, even in unpredictable situations?
  • Will your dog allow a stranger to touch, hug and brush them?
  • Will your dog walk at your side in a crowded room?

  • How would your dog react if you dropped an object on the floor?
  • Will your dog sit, stay, come and stay in a down?
  • Will your dog come when called?
  • How does your dog react near large moveable objects it’s never seen?
  • How would your dog react to anger and someone yelling?
  • Can you place an object on the floor and tell him/her to leave it?
  • Can you leave your dog with a stranger?

If you feel your dog is ready to be a therapy dog, click Joining Mutts on a Mission to join our team!

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